Two Words

No matter my position, possessions, power, or prestige — no matter my accomplishments or acclaim — I know that I’m nothing but a tool.

I don’t get everything right.  In fact, I get much more wrong than I’ll ever get right, but that’s okay.  Life is a process.

I won’t arrive until I get there, and I have no intention of getting there for a good many more years.  That’s not to say that traffic couldn’t let up, and that I won’t reach my destination sooner than I expect, nor that I don’t sometimes wish that could be the case, but let’s be honest: When have I ever been early?

I don’t know much, but I do know that very fact, and that means I know much more than your average tool might know.

Maybe this isn’t making any sense at all.  Maybe — as I’m prone to — I’m speaking with unnecessary verbosity, to simply get across the difficult point I could’ve said in two words:

I’m erroneous.