At a local college, the marquee currently reads: “Success comes after you stop making excuses.”

“But I’m not making excuses,” you might say.  “I just don’t have enough time/talent/money/opportunity/friends/ space/______.”  Fill in the blank.

First, I’d respond by saying that you should never start a sentence with the word “but.”  It’s grammatically improper.  The next thing I would tell you, however, is that you’re making excuses for your excuses.

Time is bought with prioritization.
Talent is bought with practice.
Money is bought with hard work.
Opportunity is bought with open eyes.
Friends are bought with friendliness.
Space is bought with cleanliness.

You can always start somewhere.

We all have dreams that we want to see succeed, but you can’t be so focused on the end goal and the daunting journey that may lie ahead, that you lose sight of your first step.

Success isn’t always graduating with your degree.  Success isn’t always your business becoming publicly traded.  Success isn’t always your blog getting a million views.  Success isn’t always winning an election.

Sometimes, success is just taking your first step and watching what happens.